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About organisation

What is debate?


Educational Debate Centre (EDC) EDC is a non-governmental and non-profit organization founded by the Open Society Foundation, Lithuania. It was registered in Druskininkai on August 16h, 1999. Educational Debate Centre (EDC) is a member of International Debate Educational Association (IDEA), an umbrella organization which unites debate organizations from 36 countries. IDEA is registered in the Netherlands.

We state our mission as a pledge that, through debates, we can help the young generation of Lithuania to become socially-aware citizens, involved in dealing with the problems facing their native country and the world, creating an active and positive attitude in finding solutions for a better future. Through debates we hope to contribute to the creation of an open society.

Aims :

  • to involve high school and university students as well as the teachers (including the Russian and Polish minorities) into the debate program
  • to foster tolerance and understanding while discussing such issues as censorship of the media, human rights (including children's rights & rights of minorities), environmental problems, youth problems, integration of Lithuania into European Union, etc.

Objectives :

  • to organize trainings of professional development for pedagogues and students
  • to consult and organize consultations for educational institutions and pedagogues under request
  • to implement various national and international projects in accordance to the goals and objectives of the Debate Centre
  • to organize national and international seminars, debate tournaments, educational summer camps, youth forums and other debate related activities


Activities of EDC :

  • Debate seminars and workshops for teachers of different subjects
  • Debate clubs at schools and universities
  • Public debates
  • Various national and international projects for youth (e.g. "Youth Against Corruption", "Youth Against Violence & Substance Abuse", "Youth Parliaments", "Youth School of Democracy", "Youth for Active Citizenship & EU Integration")
  • Local, National and International debate tournaments
  • National and international summer youth forums

Debate :

  • develops critical thinking skills
  • teaches how to make a logical (based on argumentation supported by evidence) and persuasive speech
  • fosters tolerance for the opponent's opinion
  • develops team work skills
  • arouses students' interest in current social affairs
  • encourages global approach toward problem solving
  • in a word the debate program raises a new generation of socially-aware citizen able to clearly and convincingly express their position on the burning global issues, able to listen and understand the opposing arguments and re-establish a dialogue.


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