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„Integrating Debate Methodology into Formal Education System"


The project is being implemented together with 32 partners – 18 schools, 12 Teacher training centres and 2 Youth NGO‘s. The main activities include two Conferences, 26 teacher training seminars/workshops, 60 public debates, 20 Forum debates, three two day national debate tournaments, Publication of a Handbook for Class teachers (2000 copies), 2574 lessons of 6 school subjects with integrated debate methodology.

list of activities:

Planning meeting of the experts of Debate Centre (prep of project activities, esp the Initial Conference, 2 days in Druskininkai, 10 people)
Initial Conference "Integration of inovative teaching methods into the formal system of education“ (1 day in Vilnius, 180 people)
60 Public debates in all municipalities of Lithuania
Working meeting of experts for planning the seminars and preparing the agendas, handouts, etc. 3 days in Druskininkai, 20 people)
10 seminars for teachers of different subjects (civic education, history, English, Lithuanian, ethics) - in different cities, 220 participants
Two day creative workshop. 30 most active teachers (participants of former seminars) will work on lesson plans and materials for integrating debate methodology into the school subject (the one they teach) – 2 days in Druskininkai
10 two day seminars for class teachers in Druskininkai – 250 teachers
Class hours with integrated debate methodology (30 class hours in different schools)
5 seminars for teachers on the usage of debate methodology for project work. The second part of the seminars – „Fair of the project ideas“ 2 days in Druskininkai, 100 teachers
Implementation of 5 best projects (selected from the „Fair of the project ideas“
Lessons of English, Lithuanian, civis education, history integrating debate methodology (January 2011 – April 2012 . Total no of lessons: 2574)
"Forum debates" - 20 events in different cities
Three two day national debate tournaments , 420 participants
Elections of the „Best public speaker“ on certain topic on video channel
Dissemination of project results - 10 open class hours with integrated debate methodology (will be videoed)
Dissemination of project results - 10 lessons of different subjects with integrated debate methodology (will be videoed)
Analysis of the integration of debate methodology into formal education system (will be base don questionnairies of 800 participants)
Valorization and dissemination of project results - Publication of a Handbook for Class teachers. (2000 copies)
Final Conference "Presentation and Dissemination of Inovative teaching methods“ – 180 participants

"THE SUMMIT OF YOUTH LEADERS" - World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championship 2010 in Lithuania !

From April 7 to April 13, 2010 Debate Centre-Lithuania is organizing the World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championship. The main supporters of the Championship are the Ministry of Education and Science and AB TEO.

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